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Are you ready to be part of a dedicated group with great influence in our community?  Join the Lee Republican Women's Club.
Educating Lee County voters, promoting Republican ideals and working to elect Republicans to office since 1986
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Most of the members of the Lee Republican Women's Club know that
our Club is chartered under the Republican Party of Florida.

  When I was looking for a Republican Club to belong to, it was important for
me to find the most conserative club, one that prided itself on staying close to the Republican platform and it's core values. These values are: conservativism, work ethic, religious freedom, upholding the constitution, lean government, lower taxes, personal freedom, superior military, strong families and personal responsibility. Since these values are important to me, I consider it my responsibility to embody them in my lifestyle and also expect them from my local, state and federal representatives.   That is why I vote Republican, as these are the things I believe are important to the future of our country and they are important to me.

Our meetings provide opportunities for our members to meet and interact with Republican candidates and representatives. We can then make an informed, educated decision on which candidate best represents our values. At our meetings, we share dignity and respect for on another.  We don't get distracted by marginal, fractionalizing issues. We stayed unified around our core.

In regards to our being a chartered club, we have a political committee as an active arm of our club.  Through the political committee or "PC", we have the unique opportunity to support campaigns with direct monetary contributions.  This past year we have had numerous, successful fundraisers to both raise money and to raise awareness.  At our upcoming September meeting, we will give checks to the Republican candidates that are running in the general election.  As a member of the Lee Republican Women's Club you can take pride in each check that we give and know that you have contributed to campaigns through our activities. Thank You !

Being a member of our club provides all of us opportunities to support our candidates in several ways, choose the opportunities that best match your passion and your schedule.

1.  Engage with candidates and representatives at our monthly meetings.

2.  Share your thoughts and ask questions.

3.  Choose a Candidate that best represents you.

4.  Volunteer on a campaign.

5.  Contribute money.

6.  Vote , Vote, Vote.

I look forward to seeing you at our July meeting.  Please invite a family member, business associate, neighbor and a friend. All are welcome !