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2015 New Meeting Venue and New Meeting Day

Beginning in January 2015
the Lee Republican Women's
Club will be meeting at a new place and on a new day.

We are moving to:

 D-Day—Never Forget!

I recently received an email regarding an 11 year old boy and his father who traveled to Normandy in June of 2014 to observe the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

  During the week of the anniversary, the young boy stood vigil at American graves for four days, and taught hundreds of visitors about the three American paratroopers buried there and what he imagined they went through. He wore a replica of the uniform of the 3rd Battalion 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division.

 On June 6th, 2014 he wanted to say thank you to the soldiers who fought and died on Omaha Beach on D-Day 70 years earlier. The local police would not allow him in the cemetery, so he made his way to the beach. He planted a 48 star WWII era flag in the sand, and he faced the water. As he stood looking over the English Channel he saw a vision of the spirits of our infantry soldiers heading for the shore on that D-Day morning. He was so moved, he raised his right hand to salute.

 People on the beach began to notice him. Many began to take pictures, and the TV news arrived. He held the flag and his salute for an hour and a half, never becoming distracted by all that was going on around him. You can see the story and video of this remarkable young man at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k9Si28k0Fk

On June 6th, lets take a moment to remember this young man and his tribute to our fallen soldiers who fought on Omaha Beach. And also remember all of our military who have fought and continue to fight to give us our freedom.  

In your service,  


Calling Young Republicans!
According to the Lee County Board of Elections, 30% of the registered voters have no party affiliation or have affiliations other than Democrat or Republican.

I began to wonder why such a large number don’t feel the need to have a connection to an established political party.
Many new 18-year olds who are registering for the first time are choosing not to have any party affiliation. What can we do to reverse this trend? 

First, we need to counter the liberal spin in the media, which aids in promoting misconceptions about conservatism and the Republican Party.  One of the objectives of our Mission Statement is to “promote an informed electorate through political education”. The best way we can do this is by being well educated on the issues that will be in the forefront in the upcoming elections.  Engaging others in meaningful conversation, sticking to facts and refraining from personal attacks helps foster healthy dialog and greater understanding of our perspective.

One way our club accomplishes political education is by having guest speakers who are involved in local, state, and national issues.

July is the month in which we encourage our members to bring a young Republican to our luncheon meeting.  Lunch will be provided free of charge for any young Republican (age 21 and younger) who attends with a member of our club.  Details are in the blue box to the right.

I encourage you to invite a young Republican, so that we can inspire them to educate their peers as to what being a Republican is all about.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July,