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2014 promises to be an interesting year, as it is an important election year.
Special elections and primaries are usually a time of agitation within the
Republican Party, as Republican’s are pitted against each other for the
privilege of representing us .  I prefer to see Republican resources used
against Democratic candidates than to see them used against another

  Daily I receive a deluge of mail from special Political Action Committees, often tearing down the reputation of Republican candidates.  I miss the days when resources were used in the most positive way to tout a candidates experience, ideals and accomplishment and were published by the candidates themselves.  I do my best to disregard all negative campaign literature designed to tear down good people.  I encourage you to do the same.  Instead it is most informative to attend a candidate forum to meet the candidates personally and develop your own opinion.

  The 2014 Florida gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014, to elect the Governor of Florida.   Let’s do what we can to reelect Governor Rick Scott.  In addition to a Republican primary on April 22 and a special election for District 19 on June 24 , we will have midterm congressional  elections again in November.   Check your calendars for summer vacations, if you will be out of town request an absentee ballot.  Be sure to vote at every opportunity !  I am counting on all of you to vote in the April 22 special election for the District 19.

  It is not hard to find a campaign to be active in, as this is a very busy election year.  Please call me if you want to get involved and I will try to connect you in your area of interest.

  In the first major test of voter attitudes in 2014, Republican David Jolly won a closely watched special election for the U.S. House in Florida Congressional Seat in Florida District 13.  Let’s hope that this is the beginning of landslide victories for Republican candidates for the 2014 elections.  It’s time for American’s to take our country back. 
Each of us must do what we can to make a difference.

  I look forward to seeing you at our Champagne Tea with the First Ladies on April 15.  Florida First Lady Ann Scott and from Washington DC, Sandra Day, Co Chair of The National Republican Committee will be amongst the guests.  Don’t miss it and plan to bring a friend. If you have not yet made your reservation please contact Joyce Easton now at 239-573-6913.

  In Your Service,  Lois Welsh

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