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  The outcome of the midterm elections brought success to
Republicans who were running is federal, state and local
elections.  We can be grateful that our efforts made a difference!
  Now it is time for those we elected to do their part.  Perhaps
Americans are waking up and taking action to insure that our founding fathers ideals,  are still worth fighting for.  Our ideals represent a distinct philosophy of limited government, capitalism, and an emphasis on freedom, family and personal responsibillity that contrasts it with the collectivist's urge toward big government and centralized power that advocates wealth redistribution and government control.  We must be vigilant an watchful that our newly elected officials on all levels act accordingly to reprepresent us. We can call them, write them and meet with them on a regular basis, speaking our minds so that they can better represent us.

  I continue to be distrubed by our president's unilateral actions, and watch our consitutional rights for fair representation being trampled by his administration.  Our Republican party needs to find a true statesman for the upcoming presidential race, someone who cherishes our constitution and our ideals.  Business as usual in Washington D.C. must change if our Republic is to survive.  Regular order must be restored.

As my second term as you presidnent comes to an end, I want to thank all of you for the opportunity and priviledge of serving you and the club.  It has been a deep an rich learning experience for me, and I welcome having the time at future meetings to get to know you better without the logistics of running the meetings.  I have the utmost confidence in Joyce Easton as our incoming president and am looking forward to the coming year.  The installation of new officers for 2015 will take place at our December 9 luncheon meeting, to be held at Palmetto Pines in Cape Coral.  Please get your reservations in early. Our state committeewoman, Nancy McGovern, will be swearing in our officers at that meeting and sharing with us her duties as ommitteewoman, as well as an update on the Republican Quarterly meeting. The report should give us keen insight as to where the party is heading and what we can do to continue to move ahead.

  We will also be voting on a by-laws change to our membership classifications, allowing all registered republican women the opportunity for full membership in our club, even those who are members of other republican women's clubs.

  Please also remember that beginning in January, our club will be meeting on the First Tuesday of each month, (not the second) and that we will be moving our meetings to Rumrunners in Cape Coral. It is a great time to invite new guests and members to joini us !  Please also be sure to mail in your membership renewals .I look forward to seeing you at the December 9 meeting. 

In Your Service,                                              

Lois Welsh                                                         
Now Meeting at New Venue

Beginning January 6th, 2015